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 6 September 2013

Major Planning Application: Sustainability Appraisal

A copy of a blank Sustainability Appraisal form, for comments by residents who will be affected by the proposed residential development off Station Rd., behind White Horse and next to Foxcover View (together amounting to over 10% of the households in Uffington), can be downloaded here (click on the link to open it, and then click 'File' and select 'Download', from the dropdown menu. The file is a Word document): Sustainability form



13 July 2013

2013 Housing Survey

ORCC have produced a report on Uffington's May 2013 Housing Survey. The complete report can be downloaded here: [link to PDF]



6 January 2013

Housing Survey

Uffington had Housing Needs Surveys in 1994 [link to PDF] and in 2004 [link to PDF], and some affordable housing was built in the village after each of these. Our intention is to carry out a new survey over the next couple months.


13 November 2012 

Contribution from Bill Mitchell, long-time Uffington resident and Parish Councillor at the time that the Uffington Village Plan (1970) was produced:

"The area to the south side of the village should be kept open with no more housing than that which is already there. New housing should be between Dragon Hill and the Woolstone road with access from the Woolstone road. Also the houses with driveways or forecourts should be made to use them for car parking instead of the road as is the case in Broad Street and High Street [where there is currently congestion due to cars parking on the road]"


14 November 2012

Documents relating to the withdrawn Interim Housing Supply Policy (IHSP) 2011

The current Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) Housing Supply Statement can be downloaded from here:


The draft of the now withdrawn policy (IHSP) that Uffington PC and residents saw in December 2011 is here (download PDF):


Uffington PC's response to the one site in the village that was proposed under the Call is included in this VWHDC document (download PDF):


The PC's response - that we could not support development on the one proposed site - was based on evidence from a residents survey and discussion at the Annual Meeting in April 2012. All the residents who responded live in properties that share a boundary with the proposed site. The written comments submitted by the residents surveyed are complied in a PDF document on Google Drive (need email invitation to view/download):


The VWHDC published a document reviewing the submissions under the withdrawn IHSP in June 2012. This was published for information and transparency, and does not form a material consideration in planning applications. It is not evidence that the VWHDC support or recommend building on the sites mentioned. However, it is currently being exploited by developers, including a developer intending to put in a proposal to build on the site in Uffington (download PDF):