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Uffington Parish Community Led Plan / Neighbourhood Plan



14  July 2013

The town of Thame have completed their Neighbourhood Plan, and adopted it via a referendum in May. So we can now see a local example of an NP. It is downloadable from the South Oxfordshire District Council's website here:



14 December 2012

The town of Faringdon, which will be one of the first communities in England to produce an NP, is still at the draft stage in their Plan development, so we cannot yet see a 'template' for an NP.


Faringdon's Neighbourhood Plan website is here:


All Neighbourhood Plans will in the end have to be compliant with the Vale of White Horse District Council's Local Plan (draft due in February 2013; final adoption likely by mid-2014), and these are the Chapter headings for the Local Plan:


- Introduction, Strategy, the Future, General Policies


- Transport


- Housing


- Historic Environment


- Natural Environment


- Community Services and Facilities (e.g. schools, halls, hospitals and public utilities)


- Leisure


- Economy


- Shopping


- Tourism


These should form the themes for the evidence collection for the Uffington Community Led Plan, if the option to convert quickly and easily to a Neighbourhood Plan is to be kept open.