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ONS Profile: Travel to work

With the addition of the proposed housing estate, Uffington is in danger of effectively being a commuter dormitory village. The table below shows the current situation, based on the 2011 Census Data.

Total population of Uffington (2011):  783


Number of children, aged under 16


Number of retired persons, aged over 74







So around 200 residents, or 26%, of the village population were aged either under 16 or over 74.

The "economically active" (aged 16-74) Uffington residents numbered 582. In the 2011 Census, these 582 residents were asked how they travelled to work.

46% drove to work in a car or van

35% said they were 'not in employment', and so were not regularly travelling to work

13% worked from home, or within walking or cycling distance of their home

   6% travelled to work by train, bus, or coach, or as a passenger in a car or van

The Census data suggests that we need to improve our local employment opportunities and to try and travel the longer distances by more environmentally-friendly means (only 6% do currently, although all the train-commuters do of course have to drive to the nearest station  first).


ONS Profile: Religion

It is heartening to see that in the period 2001-2011, Uffington seems to have achieved tolerant religious (and non-observant) diversity, possibly for the first time in the history of the village. Here are the statistics:




















There are two churches in the village: St. Mary's (C of E), and a Baptist Chapel. The Church of England parish roll numbered around 65 parishioners in 2013. 

It's consistent with the general trend in British society that as the population has increased (by around 70 persons, in the case of Uffington, in the 10-year period), church-attendance has declined, and the biggest increase has been in those who specify "no religion".









How to Access Office for National Statistics (ONS) Data

The ONS publish datasets and reports based on the Census. On the ONS website there are currently 192 datasets relating to Uffington, that derive from the 2001 Census and 2011 Census. The 1994 Housing Survey included some Census data from 1971, 1981, and 1991.


The Uffington datasets can be found by going to this webpage: 

then entering Uffington in section 1 as shown in the screenshot below, then clicking 'More areas' in the dropdown menu of section 2, and selecting Parish. If you then click on Search, this brings up a new screen, where you have to select from the three different villages in England called Uffington. If you enter an Uffington postcode in section one, instead of the village name, and then select Parish in section 2, and then Search, it will take you straight to the Uffington, Oxon. datasets.